Top 5 Holiday Shopping Gifts & Ideas

Top 5 Holiday Shopping Gifts & Ideas

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, we need to get our friends and family a gift. And the best gift is always the one with some thought and creativity. Here is a list of the best shopping gifts and ideas for you to use:

1. FIXD: check this out, FIXD is a device that plugs into your car’s computer (from under the steering wheel) and will tell you why your check-engine light is on! You can even reset it. All from your phone using an app that talks to the device. Pretty amazing and it works!!

2. KEYSMART: this is a pretty gadget for your friend or family member that has too many keys on their keychain. This is definitely the perfect gift for them! It holds all keys in one nice little organized spot! It’s like a pocket knife for your keys... MORE HERE>>

3. HEAT BUDDY: the HEAT BUDDY is a portable little bitty heater that you can bring around with you. Whether it’s in your boat, your car or house you have the HEAT BUDDY to keep you warm. Pretty neat idea and definitely a warm gift idea!

4. FLEX SAFE: ever been to the beach, hotel pool or anywhere else where you need to safely and securely store your personal items of value? Phone, keys, wallet, credit cards, the list goes on. And best of all, it’s completely portable. Featured on Shark Tank! SHOP HERE>>

5. CUSTOM PILLOWS: these are featured from your boating friends at Nice Aft! These pillows are customizable to put the coordinates of your boat, house or lake house location! HERE THEY ARE: CUSTOM BOAT PILLOWS