Boating and basic navigation

Who has the right of way?

The big question on the lake and the answer you should know the answer to as a Captain, “who has the right of way?” Well, here is some very basic guidelines that will keep you safe!

In general, first and foremost, regardless of maritime rules and regulations: you steer clear of any point of collision course!

The vessel to the right has the right of way!

Without getting into inter-coastal or commercial traffic, the size of the vessel does not give you priority. Sailboats, tow boats, emergency vessels and all anchored vessels have all priority before any motor.

Boating rules of the road

Photo courtesy of BoatUS

Remember, use basic safety senses first. Sometimes, even when rules are followed, tragedy can occur. So, stay alert, use the rules but always avoid any collision or accident by planning ahead and knowing your course of action! A good Captain is willing to do whatever it takes to keep their vessel safe. A safe vessel is a safe environment for you and your passengers!

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